North Littleton Promise

Ascension works with at risk kids…

At risk kids do not only live in urban Denver or Aurora. Some live right next to us in suburban Littleton.

In the northeast part of Littleton, families are struggling to make it. Parents work two or three jobs and have little time or energy to give their children the opportunities most of us take for granted.

For these elementary, middle, and high school kids, keeping up in school is difficult and many eventually drop out. Discouraged and seeking acceptance, many fall into teen parenthood, gang activity and minimum-wage jobs, all elements of generational poverty. A lack of spiritual orientation keeps the children trapped and hopeless.

North Littleton Promise is providing a ray of hope for the kids in the Promise Park neighborhood. We work with the local community to offer various programs to help build character, academic potential and life-skill development.

North Littleton Promise is always looking for partners in ministry. We need people who are looking to build life-giving relationships with at-risk Littleton kids while fostering positive character, encouraging academic growth and teaching life skills.

Please consider these opportunities to join us in what God is doing in North Littleton.

Please contact the church office at (303) 794-4636 if you would like more information about North Littleton Promise or visit their website.


North Littleton Promise website