Make a joyful noise…

The Bible tells us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and the Ascension Lutheran Church music ministry does just that.

Ascension is blessed to have talented and dedicated musicians along with the many faithful and talented volunteers.  Our music program is one of the many joys associated with our worship services. Ascension has seven different groups that complement our Sunday morning worship as well as our many special services. The groups cover a diverse range of musical styles and age groups and encompass the joy with which we lift our praises to the Lord.

Whatever your musical tastes or abilities, you will certainly find a place to share your voice or musical instrument and have a lot of fun at the same time! You don’t have to have “professional” quality talent, just a willingness to offer your praise to the Lord through music. Take a look and see if you can’t find a place to join in and make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

The Ascension Chorale — The Ascension Chorale leads in worship each Sunday during the 8 a.m. traditional worship service. While rooted in traditional Lutheran songs, the Chorale sings a varied musical style reflecting ALC’s desire to encompass the ever-changing and growing culture in which the church has its’ mission.

Agape Singers — The Agape Singers and Ensemble Musicians lead the music for Ascension’s less-formal Contemporary worship at 10:30 a.m. (10 a.m. in the summer) every other Sunday. The Agape’s widely varied music styles include contemporary Christian songs, traditional hymns played with guitar and/or piano, gospel and the occasional bluegrass song.

Youth Band – The Youth Band is made up of youth members’ grades 7 – 12.  Youth leads the music for the Contemporary worship service and plays alternate weekends with Agape.

Pre-confirmation Choir — For children in grades 3-6.

Confirmation Arts — Music-Drama-Handbells For young people in grades 7 and 8.

Handbell Ensemble — A small two-octave handbell ensemble that rehearses each week and plays occasionally in worship.

Gloria Dei Ringers — A larger three-octave handbell choir that plays challenging music. The Ringers rehearse on a weekly basis and play in worship approximately every three weeks.

Current Music Schedules

In addition to the above groups, Ascension music department routinely contrives inspiring combinations of the musically talented members to accompany and accentuate worship including; cello, flute, trumpet, trombone as well as choral solos and duets.

About the Pipe Organ…

Ascension’s worship and music programs are greatly accentuated by our wonderful pipe organ.   The instrument was built by the Reuter Organ Company and was installed in 1982.  The organ sports; 33 ranks, four divisions, and is voiced in the “neo Baroque” style. Since installation, the organ had served the congregation of Ascension faithfully. But, due to usual wear over 28 years of play, the time came to replace major portions of the console and keyboards. The organ’s rebuild was entrusted to the firm of Morel and Associates. During the summer of 2010, they painstakingly disassembled the console and replaced the interior with new, state of the art, components. The keydesks, keyboards, stop jambs, and couplers were also replaced with new furnishings. The Principal chorus on the Great manual was revoiced to better fit the tonal scheme of the organ with the room’s dry acoustics. A multi-level memory system for the new combination action and a transposer with sequencer were incorporated into the new design.

With special gratitude and thanks we acknowledge our late member and friend, Scott Campbell, whose bequest to our congregation made this work possible along with the many contributions from our members.