The Ascension Columbarium Memorial Garden offers to members and their families a simple, dignified option to a traditional burial as a final resting place for their loved ones.  Each of the three Columbaria provides 55 niches with urns to receive cremated remains.  The Columbarium Garden is an integral part of our church property and is designed to conform to the architecture of the sanctuary.  It is also intentional that our Christian philosophy and things of the spirit as well as elements of the earth be visible in a garden setting.

The Trinity is represented in the 3 pillars of the Columbarium; symbols of the cross appear in each section of the gate and the walkway to the foot of the pillars.  The roof line over the pillars suggests embracing arms that protect and embrace the cremains of the deceased.  The Columbarium and Garden speak of life and our Christian hope in the resurrection.

Ground breaking for the construction took place in December, 2004 with the dedication of the Columbarium Garden in August, 2005.

Please contact the church office at (303) 794-4636 if you would like more information.