Denver Creation Society

  Get Directions

Pastor Dave Ahlman, Senior Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Arvada will be our speaker for our December 6 meeting.  His presentation is entitled, “Genesis: Back to Basics.”  Sometimes it is easy for us to forget the basics of God’s creative work.  In this presentation Pastor Dave Ahlman will walk us through Genesis Chapter 1 highlighting the incredible power of the creative hand of God!

We also have two exciting conferences we’d like you to “save the date for!  On May 3-4, 2019 Dr. Jason Lisle will present a conference on pre-suppositional apologetics. We’ll follow that with a conference on creation and education in the LC-MS.  Then, on June 2, 2019, we’ll have four nationally known Ph.D scientists from four different fields talking about the evidence that our earth is young at our “Age of the Earth” Conference.  Mark your calendars for these events!  More info to come!

If you’d like to receive our emails or newsletters, you can sign up by going to our website, or send an email to and request to receive our emails.  Also, we’be been posting videos or our speakers on the web site, so if you missed a meeting and would like to see the presentation, just go to our website, click on “Past Speakers” and select the video you would like to view.