Renovation Update

Renovation Update

May 22, 2020

Fellow Members of Ascension Lutheran Church,

It is with excitement that we share the results of our contractor bidding process for the remodeling of the West Wing of the Church complex. Both the Building Committee and Church Council have reviewed the bids and recommend moving forward with all three phases of construction (upstairs, downstairs, and exterior/windows). We are now in the information sharing phase of the project in advance of a congregational vote to approve a funding program and authorize construction. But first, let us review the events that have led us to this point.

Project History – After successful remodels of the Narthex and Fellowship Hall in 2018, a Building Committee was formed in January of 2019 to consider remodeling options for the West Wing, including a building expansion. Surveys of Ministry leaders clearly highlighted the need for updating classrooms, adding air conditioning, replacing the leaky windows, bringing the children’s bathrooms up to ADA standards, and increasing security for the pre-school. With the Congregation’s blessing and encouragement, a Space Planner was hired in May 2019 and quickly negated the need for expansion. The first set of remodeling drawings were prepared shortly thereafter. With those drawings in hand, the Committee solicited construction contractors to bid on the remodeling work.

Despite being interrupted and delayed by the Corona virus pandemic, the bidding process is now complete. The Committee believes we have relatively firm numbers from a reputable contractor that specializes in building and remodeling schools and churches. We are ready to move to the next project phase which requires a vote of the Congregation. In this next phase, if approved by vote, we will apply for a loan from the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF), negotiate a contract with the selected construction firm, and apply for permits from the City of Littleton. When all three are completed, and permits received, we will be ready to start the remodel.

Project Costs and Funding – Below are the estimated costs, by phase, based on the received bids plus a recommended 15% contingency for unexpected items, change orders, etc.

Phase     Area Remodeled          Total Costs Including Contingency
1               Upstairs                               $301,650
2               Downstairs                       $283,250
3               Exterior/Windows        $326,600

Total                                                     $911,500

After reviewing the above costs and available funding options, the Building Committee and Church Council recommend undertaking the entire project now rather than phasing the project over multiple years. Reasons include:

• The church complex is relatively idle and will likely be used at reduced capacity for the next few months. This will allow a construction team to work quickly and minimize the disruption to ongoing ministry.

• Construction costs were rising rapidly pre-pandemic. The Committee believes we have caught a lull in construction demand and the bids reflect that current work shortfall.

• Doing all the work now should be less expensive than phasing the work over multiple years which would likely increase the total cost.

• Interest rates are at historic lows.

For more detail regarding the project costs, specific funding options, pros and cons of doing all the work now versus over multiple years, please see the presentation entitled “West Wing Remodeling Update” on the Church website:

Upcoming Schedule – As mentioned previously, we are in the information sharing phase of the process in anticipation of a vote to obtain funds and begin construction. Over the next two weeks, we ask that you review the presentation on the church website, submit questions to the Building Committee following the directions below, and pray for guidance for all of us. Questions and answers will be posted on the website so that everyone may benefit from the many unique perspectives within our membership.

Following the two-week Q&A period, the Building Committee will call for a vote by mail ballot.

Directions for Questions:

Email (preferred) – Email questions to
Phone – Call Roger Koester at 303-249-5383 or Bob Hea at 303-721-7011

We realize that this is a major decision for the Congregation. The recommendations were not made lightly. We look back with thankfulness for the bold decisions made in the past by Ascension members to build the necessary facilities to spread the Gospel. We ask that you prayerfully consider this proposal to once again make our facilities worthy to serve the needs of future generations just as those before us did.

Arvin Michel – President

Building Committee: Bob Hea, Roger Koester, Chuck Mielke, Bill Redden, Jim Riebling


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