Approved Constitution and Bylaws

Approved Constitution and Bylaws:

June 12, 2023

Dear Voters’ Assembly Members,

On Sunday, June 11th, a special Voter’s Meeting of Ascension Lutheran Church was held in the Fellowship Hall. 35 members of the congregation met for the 25-minute meeting.  A few amendments were made to the newly revised proposed Constitution and By-laws of the congregation.  All of the proposed amendments passed unanimously.  Arvin Michel, speaking for the Constitution and By-laws committee, said that the proposed documents would be sent to the Rocky Mountain District for their approval.  Once their approval is given the congregation will decide when to officially implement the documents. The updated Constitution and Bylaws document will be emailed to the congregation, copies will be available in the narthex, and a link to the document will be placed on the Ascension webpage (see link above).


Council and the Constitution & Bylaws Committee


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