Love INC of Littleton

Ascension works with Love INC (In the Name of Christ)…

Love INC of Littleton is a hyper-local non-profit that fills a number of gaps in the social services network such as; transportation to medical appointments, elderly visitation, meal delivery, minor home repair and employment support.  Love INC of Littleton also provides, sponsors or participates in several programs:

– Dipes N’ Wipes (diapers)
– Thanksgiving Meals
– Haven’s Hope Diaper ministry
– Nursing Home Group visit
– Christmas Toy Ministry
– Education Outreach for Students and Teachers

Love INC of Littleton operates a client services clearinghouse that supports our church partners and volunteer teams by matching client needs with talent and resources. In addition, we opened a thrift shop called “Renewed Treasures” at 6512 S. Broadway in July of 2012.

Love INC of Littleton strives to represent the diversity of churches in the Littleton area, with a mission to promote the unity of the Body of Christ. At the heart of Love INC of Littleton are the church volunteers, motivated by the desire to share God’s love and inspired by Jesus’ example of selfless giving. These volunteers provide tangible assistance, encouragement, and hope to others. They help meet immediate needs, and in many cases, teach people life-skills so that they can become more self-reliant.


We are an affiliate of Love INC, a national ministry currently operating in 30 states. The mission of Love INC is carried out by more than 12,000 churches in over 155 affiliates across the United States. The congregations and community partners that make up each Love INC affiliate are addressing serious unmet needs in their local areas.

As a Christian organization, our actions are rooted in prayer and compassion.

Please contact the church office at (303) 794-4636 if you would like more information about Love INC of Littleton.

Love INC of Littleton Contact Information:

Tel:  303-798-0037 (Administrative Line)
Tel:  303-794-5683 (Client Helpline)


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