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Ascension works with Love INC (In the Name of Christ)…

Love INC of Littleton part of a national non-profit movement that seeks to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ. Through the long-term desire to see people receive Redemptive Compassion©, a resource help-line introduces would-be clients and neighbors in need to the ways the church, the community and ministries of Love INC can help them.

The ministries of Love INC:

Help-Line, the “Clearinghouse” (provides an intake process that churches can use to better match church funds with unknown neighbors in need)

Diapers, essential rides, life transition navigation, home visitation, vouchers to Renewed Treasures for clothing, housewares and furniture.

Renewed Treasures

Located at 6512 S. Broadway in Littleton is a community resale shop to donate to, volunteer at and shop!


The transformational ministry of Love INC offers life skill classes in healthy finances and relationships as well as one-on-one life coaching through personal goals. The aim of IMPACT is to help each participant reach their God-given potential and no longer be sustained in chaos or need through chronic charity. IMPACT leadership works with the generosity of local churches and community organizations to provide wrap-around services for families and individuals seeking to break free from the systemic issues of poverty, need and chaos.

 Love INC of Littleton strives to represent the diversity of churches in the Littleton area, with a mission to promote the unity of the Body of Christ. At the heart of Love INC of Littleton are the church volunteers, motivated by the desire to share God’s love and inspired by Jesus’ example of selfless giving. These volunteers provide tangible assistance, encouragement, and hope to others. They help meet immediate needs, and in many cases, teach people life-skills so that they can become more self-reliant.

Please contact the church office at (303) 794-4636 if you would like more information about Love INC of Littleton.

Love INC of Littleton Contact Information:

Tel:  303-798-0037 (Administrative Line)
Tel:  303-794-5683 (Client Helpline)


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