A Message from Pastor John

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  1. Nancy L Harder says:

    YES! You were right!
    Because I forgot to put my hearing aids on, I “lost” lots of your sermon ?, but Pastor the best I enjoyed hearing, was the past about Jesus’ hymn! (I’ve read your Sermon, and thank you for sharing good issues regarding deaths.) It must be very hard to speak for burials, something I’ve not honestly thought about. And again, was it hard for me to play for funerals? Yes, sometimes, very much so. Likewise, for you.
    Pastor John, your sermons are outstanding and I feel so very good being fed, of what God wants me to know. The Good Lord has blessed you, ever so much.
    Another ‘but’——
    “please take care of yourself” I’m selfish——want you around for a long time. ?
    As a good ol’ Organist, I’ve played Jesus’ Psalm over and over, as it is definitely a beautiful part of our Service. Was close to my heart singing it today.


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